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Apps to use on Phone as Keyboard Mouse


What Is the App for a Mobile Phone Keyboard Mouse?

Using a keyboard connected to another device via WiFi or Bluetooth, you can type on your Android device with a remote keyboard app. If you wish to utilize a different keyboard layout than the one that comes with your device or if you want to type on it without physically touching it, you can use this.

Assume that you are unable to access a mouse while trying to operate a PC or TV monitor. Fortunately, there are a ton of programs available that let you use your phone—android or iPhone—as a media remote controller, keyboard, and mouse for Windows or macOS computers. But not every software of this type is created equal. I thus evaluated every well-known software on iOS, Android, and Windows or macOS. This is what I discovered.

1 AirDroid Personal

Controlling multiple gadgets from a single spot is made simple by the user-friendly and straightforward interface. This eliminates the need for you to constantly switch between devices since you may work on your computer and quickly transfer to your tablet to complete a task. For your convenience, this makes it the best remote keyboard app available. Working on the road is now easier than ever thanks to AirDroid Personal, which lets you use your smartphone’s keyboard to type on a computer.


2. KDE Connect

KDE Connect

You can use your phone as a keyboard or mouse by using KDE Connect. But I noticed that the mouse movements appeared erratic. However, it works the way you want and isn’t a deal breaker. Not a single misclick. Furthermore, YouTube’s play/pause controls functioned flawlessly. On my Windows 11 PC, I could only pause Netflix; I couldn’t play it again. I don’t had any problems using Netfli on my MacBook.


3. Unified Remote

Unified Remote

With many features, Unified Remote is a packed with functions desktop controller solution. Along with more sophisticated controls like IR and NFC tasks, it allows Windows PC mouse and keyboard control. Features like media controls, rudimentary remote input, power menu settings, and a desktop file organizer are all included in the app’s free version. With a vast user base, Unified Remote is accessible on embedded systems, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and iOS.


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