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SEC announced plans to accept applications for an Ethereum spot ETF


 Ethereum spot ETF

Recently, the SEC declared that it will be accepting proposals for a spot Ethereum ETF. Due to this, the cryptocurrency market has entered a frenzy, with projects like Ethereum Classic and Theta Network experiencing enormous overnight profits.

“But Rollblock is gaining prominence as their price hikes down. During its presale, this novel GambleFi system has already garnered interest, and analysts predict that early adopters might see 100x profits’.


Theta Network has been a strong-performing cryptocurrency in 2024. It started the year below $1, though it quickly rallied in Q1 and has since increased in value by over 250%. This increased Theta Network’s native currency THETA to $3.70. However, its price dipped below $2.50 just weeks after its rally.

Theta Network (THETA) has gained 28% in value over the last week and is currently trading at $2.51. Bullish market dynamics, which have drawn thousands of new investors to the DeFi area, have had a significant impact on this increase.



Theta Network, whose market capitalization just surpassed $2.5 billion, is well-positioned to grow even more this summer. Theta Network may surpass its previous all-time high of $15.90 in April 2021, according to some experts; however, other experts think this forecast may be unduly optimistic. Alternatively, they propose that Theta Network might rise to $10, four times its present worth.


Ethereum Classic recently rallied by over 20% to $32. However, Ethereum Classic has since met resistance. Its value has fallen by 1.64% over the last 24 hours, and Ethereum Classic is now trading at $31.15.

Furthermore, Ethereum Classic’s daily trading volume is also down by 8.22%. The project’s trading volume is currently just $647 million, suggesting that many investors are favoring Ethereum over Ethereum Classic. That said, Ethereum Classic could still experience strong returns if an Ethereum ETF is released in the U.S.


Following the successful completion of its first resale stage, Rollblock’s value surged by more than 20%. Experts, however, think that this is only the beginning of the project’s expansion. Thousands of investors are drawn to this ground-breaking GambleFi protocol because of its distinct approach to gaming.

The project already manages a casino that is licensed and fully running. DeFi technology is used by the Rollblock casino to provide improved security. In addition to offering over 150 games and compatibility with more than 20 cryptocurrencies, sports betting will be added in the upcoming months.

“Worldwide, millions of individuals bet online, and Rollblock hopes to draw attention from those who are already interested in cryptocurrencies while also welcoming a new generation of players.

To incentivize $RBLK ownership, Rollblock has a number of benefits for holders, including rakebacks, VIP Bonuses but the benefit really capturing large investors attention is their unique revenue share model. Rollblock will share up to 30% of its revenue with holders who stake tokens. Rollblock will reward holders by using revenue to buy $RBLK tokens from the open market.

“It will burn half of the purchased tokens to create a deflationary effect and use the remaining for staking rewards. This will enable Rollblock to offer its holders some of the best passive income opportunities in the space, something really capturing eyes from investors.

Having already increased in value to $0.012, $RBLK is in extremely high demand. Over 45% of Rollblocks second presale stage has sold out in just a few days, leaving investors with limited time to get involved at an extremely lucrative price. The price is set to increase soon to $0.014 in Stage 3.


It should come as no surprise that Rollblock has already attracted attention from all over the world as one of the first DeFi casinos to split its earnings with token holders.

“Experts predict that if Rollblock’s presale gains momentum, $RBLK may see enormous returns of 720%. This would be followed by a 50x increase after Rollblock’s token lists on exchanges and the presale is over.

“Even yet, Rollblock’s market capitalization would only reach the hundreds of millions of dollars, demonstrating the enormous potential for growth in the GambleFi protocol.

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